SCI Australia: Origins & Beliefs

Origins & Beliefs

Our History

SCI Australia was founded in 1998 as an alternative to the traditional freight forwarder. With the Australian importer/exporter becoming an increasingly popular business at the time, Steve designed his “One Point of Contact” model as a complete and effective customer-based solution to freight forwarding for those business owners. His unique process allowed the typical business owner the freedom to leave their complete freight management process in the hands of a single individual. This consumer model laid the foundation for SCI Australia and has continued to be at the centre of SCI Australia ever since.

The Brand

Through the creation and development of a tailored customer experience, the team at SCI demonstrate our core values to provide our clients with a premium service like no other. Our pricing strategy accommodates for all customer needs, as minimal or major as your shipment may be. It is a constant journey to introduce and integrate new concepts into our community at SCI, that is made easier by our professionals.

Mission Statement

To achieve excellence in service delivery, whilst fostering our strategic
partnerships and developing personal and professional growth in all our staff and clients.

Vision Statement

To be a leader in facilitating a world where importers and exporters
have the opportunity to focus on their own development without the hiccups.

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