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API Interfaces


An API (Application Programming Interface) is a method of standardising interaction between multiple softwares. Because most softwares and programming languages have very different methods of action and implementation, a bridge needs to be built to accomodate common interaction. This bridge is the backbone of API software.


Unlike traditional forms of B2B data interfacing, APIs provide unlimited, real time, responsive sampling of data. Where EDI traditionally involved CSV or XML data to be sent and received to clients at specified intervals, APIs allow a client to access a servers database at any given time with tailored parameters and outputs. With basic requests our clients databases can be kept up to date with valuable order information, including but not limited to:

  • Supply Readiness (Ex Factory)
  • Vessel Name
  • Voyage Number
  • ETD
  • ETA
  • Customs Status
  • Delivery Dates


In REST API design, client and server applications are completely independent of each other. The only information the client application should know is the URI of the requested resource; it can't interact with the server application in any other way. REST has been a modern standard to its flexibility and ease of use.

For our REST APIs please use the below:

URI / URL Touchpoint:


Request Example:

Response Sample JSON:


Unlike the REST design, SOAP requires the client to send an XML data format to a URI to declare a request. Depending on the schema structure the server will return a specific response. SOAP has been a messaging standard for a long time due to its rigidity and uncompromising structure.

For our SOAP API please see the below:

URL Touchpoint:


Request Sample XML:

Response Sample XML:

For any authorization codes please contact:

IT Support:

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