h Port of Mourilyan's Magnetite Success

Port of Mourilyan's Magnetite Success

Port of Mourilyan's Magnetite Success

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After only eight months, a second shipment of iron ore has shipped from the Port of Mourilyan (near Innisfail), carrying over 21,000 tonnes of magnetite from the Tablelands Mining Group Mt Ruby mine. Back in April of this year, the company exported 25,000 tonnes of magnetite to Asia from the Port of Mourilyan.

TMG's continued operation through the area of Cassowary has consolidated the belief by locals of the great export potential of the coastal region.

Chief Executive John Howard said "Tablelands Mining is committed to the continued development of its mine resources in the region and associated export operations through Mourilyan". The operation according to the company is expected to grow to exporting over 300,000 tonnes of magnetite a year purely through Mourilyan.

The Mt Ruby mine is one of the only deposits in the area to be further explored, and has current predictions of extending over a 1km north of it's current deposit.

Ports North (overseer of 9 ports in the area including Cairns, Cooktown and Mourilyan) Chairman Russell Beer has stated that it's successful operations development was due to the "hard work and commitment by miners, local contractors and state government".

The Port of Mourilyan has the capability for bulk sugar, molasses terminals and live cattle export.

Source: SCI Australia