h Testing Times for the ABF

Testing Times for the ABF

Testing Times for the ABF

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25 Tonnes of ammunition casings and 6 hand grenades were discovered several days ago at Melbourne Gateway Facility after Australian Border Force officers examined the package via x-ray.

Firearm experts were brought to safely check the cargo, however after being removed for examination the grenades were to be inert.

The ABF Regional Commander Victoria and Tasmania, James Watson, stated "Imports like this look real and in the wrong hands can pose a significant threat to our community", he went on to praise all involved the situation, noting that it heavily tested the skills of the staff working at the Gateway Facility.

This has been a testing week for the ABF, who on Wednesday arrested two men for the attempted import of illicit tobacco at Melbourne Airport. Upon arriving in Melbourne from Singapore, their 17,000 cigarettes were discovered at the baggage check and seized.

The arrests of the two men have been reported as being another example of the ABF's determination to reduce the availability of illicit tobacco.

Source: ILCS Consulting