h Victorian Government Aim To Increase Indian Exports To $1bn

Victorian Government Aim To Increase Indian Exports To $1bn

Victorian Government Aim To Increase Indian Exports To $1bn

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The Victorian Government has published its aim to raise the annual good export from Victoria to India to $1 billion, doubling it's current value.

In a recent publication titled, 'Victoria's India Strategy: Our Shared Future', which Premier Daniel Andrews released in light of his coming visit to India this week. Due to India's booming economy (currently the third largest) and with over 400 Million Millennials in India, the Victorian Governments has labelled it crucial to have close ties between the two regions.

The publication listed four main goals:
- To increase goods exports to India from an annual average of $500 million to $959 in 2027
- To grow the number of Indian postgraduate research students by 25 per cent over 10 years
- To double the number of businesses engaged from 150 in 2017 to 300 businesses per annum in 10 years
- To grow overnight expenditure by Indian visitors to Victoria from $367 million in FY2017 to $885 million in 2027.

In order to achieve this goals the Government are planning to: Strengthen personal and cultural connections by supporting cultural creative and scholastic engagement; as well as establishing and enabling ongoing dialogue between between Victorian and Indian, leaders with emphasis in youth engagement; and finally to build cultural competency programs for businesses to properly engage and create enduring knowledgeable partnerships.

The document has is the effort of hundreds of hours of consultation with over 200 partners.

"This blueprint is all about expanding our footprint in one of the world's leading economies, which will boost Victorian businesses and create jobs for locals. We have a plan and we're getting it done," Premier Andrews said.

"Our tourism, international education, sport and cultural and innovation offerings are the envy of the world. We want India to experience for themselves the best of everything Victoria produces.

"We've worked closely with leaders and industry experts from the Australian Indian community on ways we can make our state's bond with India even stronger."

Source: SCI Australia