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98. Port Rail Shuttle To Remove Congestion In Melbourne

The Victorian government have recently released their plans to decrease the amount of trucks on local roads and instead increase the capacity of the current rail system. The current proposal of growing a number of rail freight shuttle initiatives on

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88. SOLAS VGM Compliance At Shocking Levels

Last year came the introduction of the new SOLAS requirements for container weight verification to gauge accurate Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of load ocean containers. However after 9 months of the amendment being in place new data has emerged that few

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86. Port Alma Resumes Operations After Cyclone Debbie

Only one month ago the most dangerous and strongest tropical cyclone in Australia, since 2011's Yasi, hit Queensland causing almost a month of damage for Port Alma Shipping terminal. This week Port Alma finally re-opened after experiencing 20 days of

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80. Port of Eden Gets $44M Expansion

Located on the South Coast of New South Wales, the small Port of Eden is becoming a regular stop for cruise ships on their trails across Australia. What was originally a hotspot for whalers several decades ago (which has been thankfully stopped), has

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28. Bee Aware

As of the start of July, 2016, Queensland has implemented the 'Queensland Biosecurity Act 2014' changing decades of out-of-date legislation to allow modernised definitions of biodiversity to protect communities and transport companies from biosecurit

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2. Patrick vs 98% of the MUA

The logistics conglomerate, Patrick, early last week, in a confidential employee vote shot down the company's Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. With an overwhelming 98% of employees voting against the offer, the MUA is still in negation with the firm

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