About Us

The Brand

SCI Australia constantly monitors and reviews the principles of our core product – the service we provide our clients. This forms the SCI brand philosophy – the pursuit of excellence in customer service. Intrinsic to this aim are the following ideals:

Highest Quality Customer Service

The staff of SCI Australia will endeavour to deliver on our customer’s expectations at all times. We believe that in order for service to be of the highest quality it must be personable and personalised. We recognise that all clients have unique freight management requirements – no two clients are the same. SCI Australia philosophy mandates that we must tailor our service for each individual client to ensure that their requirements are not only met but exceeded.

Competitive Pricing & Value For Money

Accuracy and simplicity when quoting are also part of the core philosophy of SCI Australia. This process creates trust which in turn strengthens relationships. Our objective is to always have clarity in our pricing structure so our clients are aware of the total costs with no hidden surprises. We will always strive to be cost competitive, without compromising the outcomes.


SCI Australia strives to be innovative through reviewing client business practices to establish how we can help. We do not follow the industry, instead we try to understand our customer’s pressure points and seek to find innovative solutions to create efficiencies to deliver better client service. It is through this process of review that we introduced our Client Services Officer who is the sole point of contact for our clients regardless of their needs. These officers are trained to manage all aspects of our client’s cargo and provide up to date information on the status of their freight. This is innovation to improve client service above industry standard. This is the SCI philosophy. We are continually reviewing industry network and software technology to maintain customer service excellence. New technology is constantly evaluated and only implemented if it is beneficial to the delivery of services to our clients.

Great Staff & An Enjoyable Workplace

To provide personable service to our clients the staff at SCI must be carefully chosen and trained. The workplace must be enjoyable and supportive to ensure that SCI meets the needs of our staff and supported in their professional development. SCI prides itself on being a proactive company ensuring that staff relate well to their colleagues so that a positive working environment is created and maintained.

Meet The Leaders

Steve Christensen
Chief Executive Officer

Mile Jurcic
Managing Director

Nick Isgro
Client Services Manager