Port Rail Shuttle To Remove Congestion In Melbourne

Port Rail Shuttle To Remove Congestion In Melbourne

Port Rail Shuttle To Remove Congestion In Melbourne

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The Victorian government have recently released their plans to decrease the amount of trucks on local roads and instead increase the capacity of the current rail system.

The current proposal of growing a number of rail freight shuttle initiatives on existing rail networks is estimated to cost $58 million, which will be funded by both the Australian and Victorian government.

According to current statistics, container movement will likely double in the next two decades, quickly increasing congestion on the roads. Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, the Honourable Darren Chest has said that the proposal will not only considerably reduce congestion in Melbourne and around, but also reduce transport costs by around 10%.

"The Australian Government's free trade agreements are seeing a boom in exports, which has led to trucks taking more produce and freight to the ports. This project will provide the ability to shift larger volumes of freight via rail compared to trucks, and reduce congestion on our roads," Mr Chester said.

A combination of 24-hour truck bans in the inner west and Port rail access plans will shift truck routes from residential streets to dedicated maps to the port. The Australian Government has committed $38 million to the project and the Victorian Government has committed $20 million.

Source: http://minister.infrastructure.gov.au/

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