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Port Rail Shuttle To Remove Congestion In Melbourne

The Victorian government have recently released their plans to decrease the amount of trucks on local roads and instead increase the capacity of the current rail system. The current proposal of growing a number of rail freight shuttle initiatives on existing rail networks is estimated to cost $58 million, which will be funded by both the Australian and Victorian government. ...

Australia's Canine Law Enforcement Shown Off To China's Customs

The world class Detector Dog's of the Australian Border Force have been showcased in a two-course informing Chinese Customs on the development and breeding of the talented canines. Since 1993, the ABF's Detector Dog program has been successfully breeding Labrador puppies for their ability to unobtrusively and non-discriminately screen large volumes of persons and goods. ...

Viterra Sells 4 Million Tonnes Of Capacity Until 2021

Cereal, oilseed and pulse supply chain company Viterra has announced the sale of 4 million tonnes of shipping capacity each year until 2021, thanks to the rising certainty in Australian grain. Long Term Agreements for the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons have been put in place to release the shipping capacity for exports this month. The 4 million tonnes capacity has been spread among nine different e...