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Australian Eggs Reach The South Korean Market

In order to fill the shortage of eggs created by the 2016 bird flu outbreak, Australia has begun exporting fresh eggs to South Korea. As of Monday the 13th of February, the first lot of Australian eggs were available for South Korean consumer market. In the winter of 2016, South Korea was forced to cull 22.5 million poultry to contain the worst epidemic of bird flu in recent history. At that ti...

Hanjin Finally Declared Bankrupt

5 Months after filing bankruptcy papers, ex-Shipping conglomerate, Hanjin Shipping Co., has officially been declared bankrupt by South Korean courts in Seoul. On Friday the 17th of February, the Seoul Central District Court - in charge of Hanjin's rehabilitation, officially announced the Bankruptcy after a two week appeal period lapsed. Thus, the 1977 establishment, that at its peak could transpor...

Norwegian Star: Back In Melbourne

On Friday the 10th, Cruise Linear, the Norwegian Star, lost main propulsion power at Cape Liptrap off the Tasmanian Coast on it's way to New Zealand. "We all the heard the noise of the breakdown, there was all this steam coming from the side of the ship and we'd stopped moving", stated a crew member on board. At the time of the breakdown the ship thankfully only 75 miles out of Melbourne, allo...

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