h Australia's Freight Strategy

Australia's Freight Strategy

Australia's Freight Strategy

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This morning, the Coalition Government announced the developed of a freight supply chain strategy to support Australian's booming freight industry. According to the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester, the demands of freight have been predicted to rise 50 per cent in the following 14 years (2030). The aforementioned strategy assess the increasing demand for improved infrastructure networks as demand for Australian products continue to increase domestically and internationally.

With the strong, current climate of the internationally trade industry, thanks to a number of trade trade agreements with our major partners, it comes as no surprise that the government want to reap the benefits of various long term connections.

Current projects that in the infrastructure works currently include the Melbourne-Brisbane Inland Rail project - marked as just one of many that the government will continue to roll out in the future. "We want to set the right environment for investment to occur, for businesses to remain competitive as they seek to minimise costs, and to create new jobs and a better transport network for decades to come." (Darren Chester)

The strategy will be informed by an independent productivity and efficiency inquiry in the current transport infrastructure, which is said to be completed by the end of 2017. Drawing on the data of the ABS, Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics and the $75 million Data61 program, the inquiry is said to be able to give accurate data into how to accommodate this forecasted rise between trading partners.

Source: ILCS Consulting