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50. Havoc In Brisbane

Last Sunday at the Port of Brisbane an extreme storm caused dozens of container stacks to fall down and debris to wreak havoc throughout the area, damaging cars and other property on the location. Luckily, reports so far have indicated that majority

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48. TasRail Gets Divided

In the recent report from the Legislative Council Government Administrative Council Committee 'A' on "The Financial Sustainability of TasRail", a final 23 findings were concluded to the 16 month investigation. In light of the latest news regarding t

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47. Tasmanian's Soaring Milk Exports

Australia's oldest Dairy company Van Diemen's Land (established 1825) is set to begin weekly freight flights between Tasmania and Ningbo (China). In a new era for perishable exports, Van Milk (Van Diemen's Land), will act as a key trading partner con

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22. Sledging Your Bets

After Animals Australia released footage of Livestock being inhumanely killed with a sledgehammer at an Abattoir in Vietnam, exports from Australia to several Vietnamese Abattoirs and feedlots have been suspended. Investigations are pending by the Au

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17. Cruising Doom

With the recent boom in the local cruise industry, resulting in over 1 million Australian passengers cruising in 2015 and the shortfall in storage capacity, the industry in NSW could experience a considerable decrease in market growth. As the industr

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16. Cruising Millions

Australia has for the first time ever reached over 1 million passengers on cruisers. The Cruise Line International Association Australasia (CLIA) recorded 1,058,781 Australian passengers took cruisers in 2015, a 15% rise from 2014. According to the s

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